RIDING DINNER – Culinary Sightseeing in Vienna

Have you ever tried a traditional horse-carriage ride (in German: Fiaker- & Kutschenfahrt) in one of Europe’s oldest towns? No?! Then you should listen btw. read carefully. It is one very romantic and nostalgic way to get to know a city while moving around very quickly and relaxing way and while the coachman can tell you A LOT about a city and its secret.

And now, next question: Do you love traditional cuisine and is one of your main priorities when visiting a city to taste the local food? If yes, I can present you one of the best inventions two Austrians (Raimund and Marco) were having recently. The so-called ‘riding dinner’ is one of the most interesting and state-of-the-art tourism products I have come across lately.

During a traditional horse-carriage ride in the city of Vienna, you can explore the city while food and beverage is being served into the horse-carriage. The dishes are of traditional Viennese cuisine and composed by local restaurants. So you don’t even need to get out of the horse-carriage as you stop at defined places. Besides, snacks and sparkling wine will be the perfect add-on for the 90 minutes culinary trip. Raimund and Marco have even constructed a special table so that you don’t spill any drinks or food. 🙂

One horse-carriage offers one to four seats and there is a variety of options how you can plan the trip individually or for your circle of friends, family members, your spouse etc. If you are interested in booking one trip, feel free to contact me or the guys immediately. Please mention my name as a reference if you wish to do it directly on their homepage. http://www.ridingdinner.com/en/. For more information see also their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ridingdinnervienna/ or just follow them on Instagram ridingdinnervienna



You might wonder how I came across these guys. I meet Raimund when I was doing my internship in a 5-star-resort on Majorca. Raimund was working with the chefs together for the very classy an luxury restaurant there. He discovered his passion for food in combination with touristic products at that time and that’s how it all started together with his friend Marco. Both of them took some time to elaborate on the idea…now you can see the stunning, highly-recommendable result.

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